Personal Agility – Do more that matters



Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it? This was my problem, so I set out to uncover better ways of organizing my life.

“Personal Agility” is a simple framework to help you do more of what matters.


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People are using Personal Agility to beat procrastination, to create a genuine partnership with their spouses, and to take control of their lives!

Personal Agility: Do More That Matters is/will be a book by Peter Stevens and Maria Matarelli and illustrated by Frederic Merizen that will explain how you can do the same! Would you like early access? Join the book club now!


Peter Stevens, inventor of Personal Agility
Peter Stevens, creator of Personal Agility
Maria Matarelli, Co-Author
Maria Matarelli Co-Author
Frederic Merizen, Illustrator
Frederic Merizen, Illustrator