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Peter Stevens
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19/05/2017 1:52 pm  

A couple months ago, I noticed that I was often drifting during the day. I had set my goals for the week, but during the day, I wouldn't focus on what I should be doing. Could I do something similar?  I came up with a simple, 5.minute ritual to help me focus. I get a message every morning, with the following questions:

  • What did I accomplish yesterday?
  • What is the most important thing to accomplish today?
  • If that is difficult, who can help?

It really helped me, so I asked Andrea Violante to try it out as well! After a week, we talked about our experiences:

Could it work for you? Let me know if you try it, and again let me know how it works for you!



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19/05/2017 2:01 pm  

Yes, this exercise always help.

I am using this exercise since many years, but only in professional life for office work.

Now going to start using it as my personal agility - my daily scrum.

Thanks for sharing with us such helpful hint 🙂

Peter Stevens
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15/08/2017 9:46 am  

Hi rashmirani,

First, sorry for slow response, I just saw this (we have been making changes to the forum to make it easier to keep up with activity!). 

I am glad to hear this is working for you! How is it going? Do you still use it? Do you use it every day, or more when you are under pressure?

Did you see we created a free tool, to remind you to think about the questions?


Paulo Carvalho
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13/03/2018 1:10 pm  

I began to organize my frame for the week and I ended up with the same problem, Then adapted and decided to use two columns: Doing Today and Doing this week, this way i was able to focus on what really matter and started prioritizing more effectively my tasks. 


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