Introducing Personal Agility (PA) to interested colleagues  


René Wettler
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04/01/2018 11:02 am  

In our company we have a vivid agile community. After becoming a recognized practitioner I recently suggested to present PA at one of our regular get2gethers. Luckily I got enough votes to be qualified to hold a speech;-) I decided to do it in a very focussed way: I used 5 flip charts and developed the idea of PA during 10 minutes (see attached files) in front of around 30 colleagues. During the following 10 minutes I answered numerous questions from the interested audience. Hopefully this will encourage you to share your experiences too with your environement!

5 myRecommandations
4 myExperiences
3 rules
2 basicPA
1 myMotivation

Maria Matarelli
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20/02/2018 5:51 am  

This is fantastic, Rene! The visuals are really great! Congrats on being voted to present - it looks like a very dynamic presentation from what you've shared here. May I suggest that it may be very cool to put these screenshots into a presentation and record your voice talking through the visuals for an online presentation. Even if it was just a short time per slide like a PechaKucha, I bet it would be helpful to people and I for one would be very interested in hearing the presentation 🙂

Thanks so much for sharing!!

I hosted a brief online training preview on Personal Agility last week and will have another one coming up again this week. I've brought on a guest accountability expert to share some tips for maintaining consistency toward our goals:  

I'll be leading a mini workshop next week in Tampa, FL:

and a full day Personal Agility workshop in a few weeks along with hosting an online 4-week workshop. If any of our Recognized Practitioners are interested in practicing your coaching skills, I am looking to have a few guest coaches throughout the course - please feel free to reach out to me at

I interviewed several people a few weeks ago about the concept of Personal Agility and what it would mean to apply it in their lives and the feedback was absolutely incredible! Just watching people slow down long enough to think about what really mattered and what it would mean for their lives to be able to slow down and visualize what they do toward these important things was very powerful. The conversation gets to be real meaningful and deep. It really warms my heart and it is amazing to have such a positive impact on other people in this world.

Thanks again for sharing, Rene and thank you for the inspiration with your vivid colors and powerful visualization tools! 🙂

Best Regards,


Peter Stevens
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06/03/2018 9:31 am  

@rene_ppp, I love these! I am working on / struggling with the visuals on how to explain using Personal Agility to create alignment up and down an organization. The basic idea is that if two people agree on what really matters, then the decisions they take will be largely aligned. If you and your manager are in sync with what really matters, then you are better positioned to do the right thing. This simple concept can be applied up and down an organization. Any thoughts on how to visualize this?


René Wettler
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23/03/2018 4:56 pm  

@maria thanks Maria for your comments about my visualisation. I’ll think about your idea of producing a short online-presentation. Great thought, takes some time though. 

@peterstev Peter I must admit that I only copied existing visualisations from this booklet: bikablo2.0

Coming July I’ll participate in a visualisation training in order to create my own ideas! I’ll try to draw your challenging struggle afterwards😉


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